What is a Font License?
After the purchase, you automatically acquire a single-user licence. As with any other software, fonts are licensed on a per-user basis, so if more than one user needs to work with the fonts, you need to buy a multiple-user licence. But unlike most software licences, our font licence can be extended to include additional users at a fraction of the cost of another single-user licence.
Types of Licenses and Agreement

A desktop license allows you to download a font and install it on your computer and use it in any desktop application that contains a font menu, such as Word or Photoshop. You may create and print documents using the font and use it in static images. The price of a desktop license depends upon two important factors–the number of styles licensed, and the number of users the fonts will be distributed to. When you purchase a desktop font license, the font will be provided to you in OpenType (OTF) format.


A web license allows you to use the font on your website as live text via the standard @font-face CSS rule. We offer two types of web licenses: hosted and self-hosted. With a hosted license, you reference a CSS resource link in the body of your HTML and we serve the fonts to your site from our content-delivery network. With a self-hosted license, you download the web font files from Type Network and host them on your servers. Our 30-day free trial gives you access to our hosted service.


An ePub license is for using fonts in publications such as books, magazines, and other periodicals that are viewed on Kindles, iPads, and other eReaders. An ePub license is for static content, rather than dynamic content that the user interacts with; for dynamic content, an App license is required.


An app license allows you to embed your fonts in a mobile application developed for phones, tablets, and similar devices. This license is appropriate if the fonts will be downloaded onto the end user’s device.


Additional licensing options, including Broadcast, Video Game, Enterprise, and Testing licenses are available upon request. If you have any questions about font licensing or can’t find a license to fit your needs, please contact us at alter@altertype.co

End User Licence Agreement (EULA)

Downloading of font software from Brand New Type signifies your assent to the below terms and conditions

The Fonts have been licensed by Brand New Type to the Authorised User for its use. The license includes the right to install and use the Fonts on one portable device i.e. laptop / notebook or on one workstation / PC at a single location. These machines are permitted to be connected to various output devices such as printers, film recorders etc. Downloading of the Fonts to the memory of an output device is permitted on a temporary basis. In the event more than a single user wishes to use the Fonts, a multiple user license can be purchased from AlterType.

AlterType shall remain the worldwide, sole and exclusive owner of all the intellectual property rights, title and interest in the Font in perpetuity. AlterType is the sole, exclusive distributor of the font. The Authorised User shall only have a non-exclusive right to use the Font. AlterType shall be the sole and exclusive owner of its copyright, trademarks, trade names, brand, logo, creative, designs and all other intellectual property associated with the Font.

The designer / user shall be the owners of the intellectual property rights of the designs / artworks created by using the Font for any purpose whatsoever.

The Authorised User shall not himself and / or permit any third party / person / entity to copy, adapt, modify, enhance, disassemble, decompile, edit, correct, morph, destroy, tamper, mutilate, add any functionality or alter in any manner, the Font which would result in the development of a completely new font than the Font delivered to the Authorised User.

Selling, leasing, renting, sub-licensing, lending or dealing with the Font in any manner shall not be permitted for personal or business purposes.

In the event the Font is required to be used by branding agencies, clients and/or any third party/ person/ entity engaged in the development of any content for the Authorised User, they shall have to obtain a separate license from AlterType to use the Font.

The Authorised User shall be permitted to embed the Font in PDF format in a secured, read-only mode and shall ensure that extraction of the Font from such documents is disabled. If the Font has to be embedded in an e-book, e-magazine, mobile application or web hosting, then the user shall have to obtain a separate license from AlterType. In the event the fonts are required to be used for branding, titling, credits or other text for any onscreen broadcast for a television channel (excluding music videos, films and advertising commercials) a separate broadcast licence needs to be purchased from AlterType.

Any breach of the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be considered a valid cause for the termination of this Agreement. On termination, the Authorised User shall immediately return all copies of the Font to AlterType and submit an undertaking that it has no more copies in its possession.

The font shall be used by the User only for the specific purposes as mentioned in this Agreement. In the event, the User is desirous of using the Font for any other purpose which is not specifically mentioned herein, the User shall take a prior written permission for the same from AlterType. AlterType shall retain the right to permit or refuse such use as it may deem fit.

AlterType makes no warranties, express or implied for the compatibility or suitability of the Font for any purpose whatsoever and shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages, including damages arising from loss of profits arising out of the inability to use the Font for a particular purpose and AlterType shall under no circumstances offer any refund for the Font purchased. The fonts have been developed to be complaint with Unicode standards. AlterType does not provide any warranties regarding the use of the font in any software, which does not support Unicode.

This Agreement (and any dispute or claim relating to it, its enforceability or its termination) is to be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. The competent Courts/Tribunals at New Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.

Please note that all the terms and conditions of this Agreement are equally applicable to all the users whether single users under a single user license or multiple users under a multiple user license.